The gold futures margin will be rollovered, and the rollover time will be at 0:00 on June 27, 2018. This rollover will not affect the net value of the margin.

The Fed’s interest rate hike forecast is that the maximum leverage for global commodity futures trading should not exceed 1:100, and the percentage of advance payment should not be less than 50%. 

It should be implemented on June 1, 2018.

Please note that the trading hours of the following markets will be affected by the upcoming bank holidays.

The times mentioned following are in GMT +2 (server time).


All PairsNormal HoursMarket ClosedOpens 06:00Normal HoursNormal HoursMarket ClosedOpens 00:00

Precious Metals

Gold and SilverNormal HoursOpens 06:00Normal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours

Spot Energy

Oil and GasEarly closing at 22:00Opens 06:00Normal HoursEarly closing at 22:00Normal Hours


US SharesNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
UK SharesEarly closing at 14:30Market ClosedNormal HoursEarly closing at 14:30Normal Hours
German SharesNormal HoursMarket ClosedNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
French SharesNormal HoursMarket ClosedNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours


#EURO50,#Germany30,#Poland20,#Finland25,#Greece25, #France120,#France40,#Belgium20,#Holland25Normal HoursMarket ClosedNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
#Spain35,#Swiss20,#GerTech30,#Germany50,#HongKong50, #ChinaHShare,#ChinaA50,#Italy40,#SAfrica40Normal HoursMarket ClosedNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
#USNDAQ100,#USSPX500,#US30Normal HoursNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
#AUS200Early closing at 07:00Market ClosedNormal HoursEarly closing at 07:00Normal Hours
#UK100,#UK_Mid250Early closing at 14:30Market ClosedNormal HoursEarly closing at 14:30Normal Hours
#Canada60Early closing at 20:30Market ClosedNormal HoursEarly closing at 20:30Normal Hours
#US2000, #Japan225Normal HoursOpens 06:00Normal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
Due to the probability of high volatility, periods of low liquidity and risk of significant price gaps that might appear on trading instruments following the Referendum on EU membership held in the United Kingdom on 23 June 2016 (also referred to as ”Brexit” vote),the spreads can considerably widen throughout this period due to the uncertainty of the results of the BREXIT referendum.
Both width of spread and depth of market will be dependent on the volatility and liquidity available in the global market place.Market gaps may occur and may fill your positions on prices further away from the requested one.
Please make sure that you manage your active positions accordingly and that you fund your trading account well in advance, to ensure that you are able to continue trading as normal.
Should any further trading terms change on our products, we will endeavour to contact you by changes made to our website. However, we reserve the right to make further changes without notification such as increased margin requirements, trading restrictions on certain products or any other such matter.We will be carefully tracking market volatility indicators in order to revert to our standard terms as soon as we deem possible.

When market sharp, you need to know

Investors, especially those that use an online broker, should know that during times of volatility, many firms implement procedures that are designed to decrease the exposure of the firm to extraordinary market risk.
For example.
How securities are executed during times of volatile prices and high volume is also different in other ways.
The following are some things you should be aware of:


Volatile markets are associated with high volumes of trading, which may cause delays in execution. These high volumes may also cause executions to occur at prices that are significantly different from the market price quoted at the time the order was entered.Investors should ask firms to explain how market makers handle order executions when the market is volatile.With the advent of online trading, we have come to expect quick executions at prices at or near the quotes displayed on our computer screens.Take into account that this isn't always the case.

Website Mayhem

You may have difficulty executing your trades because of the limitations of a system's capacity. In addition, if you are trading online, you may have difficulty accessing your account due to high Internet traffic.For these reasons, most online trading firms offer alternatives like telephone trades, talking to a broker over the phone and faxing your order.

Incorrect Quotes

There can be significant price discrepancies between the quote you receive and the price at which your trade is executed. Remember, in a volatile market environment, even real-time quotes may be far behind what is currently happening in the market.In addition, the number of shares available at a certain price (known as the size of a quote) may change rapidly, affecting the likelihood of a quoted price being available to you.


Investors need to be aware of the potential risks during times of volatility.Choosing to stay invested can be a great option if you're confident in your strategy.If, however, you do decide to trade during volatility, be aware of how the market conditions will affect your trade.